What Are Glass Rooms?

Both Functional and Stylish in one bespoke design.

Are you looking for a solution to enjoy the outdoors all year round?

A room made of glass is a versatile addition to any home, providing a unique space that blends the best of both indoor and outdoor living.

This type of structure is a room with large glass walls and a roof, allowing you to enjoy natural light and scenic views while remaining protected from poor weather, making it the perfect solution for enjoying your surroundings no matter the time of year.

Bringing the outside in and the inside out is one of the main benefits; unlike standard conservatories, they are seamless, allowing you to open the room up fully to enjoy unbroken views of your outdoor space whilst in the comfort of your home.

Creating a sophisticated and modern appearance in any house, they are also beneficial for adding space and value to your home by providing a calm and refreshing environment to unwind.

How Are They Different To A Conservatory?

Finding extra space in our homes can be complicated, with applying for planning permission to extend your home with a conservatory. However, they are an easy solution with no planning permission required.

Although similar in appearance, they do have other benefits compared to your standard conservatory.

The most significant difference is the ratio of glass to the framework. The walls, doors, and roof are all glass, unlike conservatories with polycarbonate glazing, which is less attractive and louder when it comes to wind and rain.

These rooms are a place to extend your outdoor living throughout most of the year. While it is not seen as an extension, they are more usable than a standard conservatory because they are a more bearable temperature with the ability to open all sides. They also offer the opportunity to add accessories such as an awning and blinds, perfect for summer and autumn evenings when it is a little cooler.

Our Rooms

They are fabricated with high-quality glass and aluminium, made to measure and completely customisable, allowing you the opportunity to create the perfect addition to your home.

Along with the design, we offer several additional features which can be added to your room; for example, we offer retractable sun blinds, frameless sliding doors, integrated lighting, and heating. Our features are entirely customisable to reflect your preferences whilst enhancing your space and natural light in your home.

We will design, manufacture, and install your bespoke room.

You can secure yours for just a 30% deposit, with staged payment options available upon order.

We take pride in our work and are constantly striving to develop new and innovative ways of using glass, which is why we’re one of the UK’s leading Glass Processors.

Contact us today to discuss your next project.

The only limit is your imagination.

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