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Based in South Wales, Abbey Glass has grown considerably since it began in 1992. From basic glass processing, we are now a contractor of choice for design and processing in the Glass Industry. We are proud to work with some very well-known brands in the Pub, Hotel and Leisure sectors in both the UK and Europe.

Being self-sustainable from cut glass to complete product along with its accompanying hardware and kit, we have created our very own branding with our products, testing and delivery to market. With a keen eye for innovation, we know how important Glass is in our world. From buildings, walls, mirrors, decorative surfaces and environment, we must come in contact with glass in its varied applications to go through our day-to-day.


Our passion for glass goes beyond the supply of this amazing material. Its diverse offerings drives the work we do, and our success can be attributed to the motivated individuals in our team who constantly go the extra mile for our customers to share those new initiatives and further develop them.

We are proud to be established in Wales with growth year after year, finding new ways of using glass to inspire in both the home and the construction world.


As a growing business, aligning our goals with our core values is essential. Although our team values many things, we want to share with our customers those that our staff handpicked as most important.











Meet the team

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Angela Worgan

Managing Director

Angela first joined Abbey Glass in 2006, working in Administration and Accounts whilst also being a mum at the same time. Angela always wanted a career in construction and since those early days, has progressed through various roles within the business to now being our Managing Director and Owner. 

The role includes overseeing our business operation, reviewing our financial performance, guiding the whole team through daily tasks, and concentrating on our business plan, making sure we are achieving our goals.


Rhys Gedrych

Finance Manager

Rhys started working with Abbey Glass as our part-time Finance Manager last year and has progressed to become our Finance Director.

Part of his role is to strengthen our finance team for the future as the business grows. Other times his role can be very hands-on, working on accounts and management information or working with the senior team and board on strategy and future plans.

Rhys enjoys working with our strong, committed management team and working on our ambitious plans to grow the business over the next few years.

In his spare time, Rhys can be found watching lots of football, either his two sons playing or the Swans. He also has a dog called Alfie, who is very active and needs lots of walks along the beach.

Dylan Nash

Project Director

Dylan joined us here at Abbey Glass in 2015. His original job consisted of factory floor housekeeping (he still recalls the blisters from all the sweeping) and handling glass in production. He applied for the opportunity to support with operating the CNC machine and since then has worked with both the operations and sales team.

His ability to work across all areas is what makes him a great Project Director.

Dylan’s role now includes working with designers and clients to produce bespoke solutions for large-scale projects.

He says he loves to work at Abbey Glass because of the business’s unique nature and that he is excited to be a part of future growth.

When not at work, Dylan can be found on the golf course.


Megan Williams

Head of Sales

Megan joined our team as Head of Sales and has completely hit the ground running. Having joined in January, she says she already feels like part of the Abbey Glass family and we couldn’t agree more.

Her day-to-day role includes setting and executing our sales strategy, leading the sales team and working towards growing the business.

She is excited to be part of the exponential growth we are looking to achieve over the next five years. We love how passionate Megan is about our potential, our great products, the service we provide and our people.

In her spare time, Megan enjoys reading, gardening and spending time with family and friends – ideally on a beach somewhere…


Sharon Jones

Head of Operations

As Head of Operations, Sharon’s day-to-day role includes ensuring all departments have what they need to complete their customer’s orders, making sure all policies and procedures are in place and that everyone is safe – health and safety is a huge priority.

Sharon loves being a part of our team and says there is a great synergy between us all to become the best in our field!

She is excited for new adventures, new state-of-the-art technologies and staying up-to-date with the newest materials.

In her spare time, Sharon is a big music fan and loves going to gigs. She also has a passion for cars and has even restored a few over the years.

Helen Smallman

Helen first joined Abbey Glass in 1994 as part of a team of just 4 members of staff!

As the company has grown throughout the years, Helen would take on new roles to develop new departments.

Her current role includes anything that is people and process related. This includes inductions, HR compliance, training and adding to our processes and production systems.

Helen says she has stayed with Abbey Glass for all this time because she loves the challenges and working alongside so many like-minded people and believes there is no better feeling than doing your best for your customers.

Outside of work, Helen enjoys spending time with her family and friends with Netflix and a glass of wine.


Job Title

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