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A unique, contemporary decorative glazing design project in Farringdon, London, utilising textured glazing and smooth glass finishes to give a modern airy hotel and restaurant design.


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Abbey Glass are our direct supplier of glass nationwide. They are also able to work through our pool of national construction companies. They provide a cost-effective service which is professional and timely. They work within our trading pubs and respect their requirements, works are discrete, professional and to the highest standard. We are extremely happy with the service provided by Abbey Glass.

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Modern glass room architecture, bringing the outdoors in to the house

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    As premium glass suppliers, we have install teams on the road five days per week. We aim to offer a complimentary survey service when we are in your area.


    Our experienced design team will offer options and designs to meet your budget, along with images of previously completed projects for you to see our products. We also ask all our clients to provide reviews so they can share their experience. Let us do all the hard work so you don’t have to!

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