Benefits of Glass Splashbacks

Our beautiful range of bespoke glass splashbacks focuses on delivering a product just for you, we understand that it cannot be an off-the-shelf product, and we choose to offer our bespoke service at no extra cost to our clients.

They are the perfect solution to personalise your room of choice when looking for a modern solution of protection for your walls.

A Splashback is a glass panel mounted onto your kitchen wall to protect from potential marks and stains. They have become increasingly popular with our residential customers, and it is easy to see why!

Your bespoke product can be tailored to your exact specifications to match your home interior. You can choose from options to include but not limited to; all paint references, digital print images, clear, abstract paintwork, glitter and metallic effects, to mention a few.

If you are ready to undertake a home project or renovation, we are here to design and support the perfect one for you.

They hold many beneficial qualities for you to consider before making your purchase…

Cleaning and Hygiene

Glass is naturally resistant to water, bacteria and grease, guaranteeing an extremely hygienic surface to use in your kitchen.

Choosing glass ones allows ease of cleaning, prevention of grime buildup and a seamless finish.

Heat and Impact Resistant

When opting for one with Abbey Glass, you receive toughened glass as a standard, making the surface five times more heat-resistant.

A popular use of our splashbacks is the option to install to the rear of cooker surfaces and hobs.

Our Toughened Glass can withstand high temperatures of up to 250°C. Should the glass be damaged on impact, it is supplied as a safety product, ensuring it disintegrates into small globules, which are harmless.

The Look

They come with complete customisation, guaranteeing a bespoke kitchen design.

With an array of colours to choose from, for bathroom/kitchen or wall cladding, painted glass gives you the freedom to create the perfect finish throughout your home.

If you are looking to recreate imagery, photos or landscapes, we are equipped to supply on the rear of all the pieces.


Whilst splashback made of glass delivers a high-end, appealing finish with luxury undertones, you can be assured that to achieve the look does not mean you have to incur excessive costs!

They are also available to secure for a 30% deposit with flexible payment discussed upon purchase.

Order and Installation

Contact a member of our sales team to arrange for your complimentary home survey. Once the survey has been completed, you will receive your quote within one working day, and production can begin.

Our installation Team Leader will then coordinate with you to find the most convenient time for your installation to be carried out.

Abbey Glass is dedicated to manufacturing and installing custom ones of the highest quality while catering to your design requirements.

We have years of experience designing and installing these products and are here to help with any questions you may have.

To book your complimentary survey, get in touch here.

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