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Toughened glass is a type of safety glass which is prepared to increase the strength of normal glass. The glass undergoes compression and tension through which, the glass breaks down into pieces. Toughened glass eliminates the possibility of injury and is constructed under strict supervision to ensure durability and strength.

Toughened glass is generally used for preparing doors, windows, shower doors, bathroom doors, exhibition areas and displays etc. Toughened glass is used in preparing doors and windows for industrial buildings. Frameless shower doors, glass shelves and for larger fixed windows.

Toughened glass is thermally stronger than float glass. The glass undergoes intense stress due to which, the strength of glass increases. This glass is made through thermal tempering processes where the annealed glass is heated at or above 720 degrees and soon after it reaches the heating point, a cooling process is performed. The glass thus
becomes strong and stressed.


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