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Secondary Glazing Wales And UK

Secondary Glazing is the perfect way to make your home warmer, quieter and safer.

On heritage and traditional properties, the styling speaks volumes. Yet our modern expectations demand ventilation, sound and energy efficiency, as well as respect for tradition. Thankfully at Abbey Glass, we can deliver the ultimate answer, with a portfolio of Secondary Glazing products that retain original characteristics, whilst taking advantage of design, material and production advances.

Secondary Glazing Wales and UK

Secondary Glazing Systems In Wales And The UK

The smart way to improve your home.

Strong, reliable and long-lasting, these are the product attributes that make us leaders in our field. Yet our design ethos is to focus on giving you beauty and practicality; quiet, warmth, and style giving you beauty and practicality; quiet, warmth, and style.

We offer a wide range of product designs requiring careful installation and specification knowledge, and we know that the perfect fitting of your new windows and respect for your property are amongst the very highest priorities.


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Secondary Glazing Wales and UK
Secondary Glazing Wales and UK

Our Secondary Glazing systems are available in 100’s of colours and many styles so you can rest assured we have something to suit every property including listed properties.

Simple to fit and discreet in appearance, secondary glazing offers superb benefits to listed property owners, particularly those in need of some peace and quiet. From noisy roads to noisy kids, our secondary glazing can reduce noise levels up to 80% (54dB), but the benefits don’t stop there.

Draughts are eliminated, condensation is reduced, and window security is enhanced — simply by fitting an additional window on the room-side of your existing windows.

We have direct access to the entire range of Granada Secondary Glazing products, and can provide solutions to suit any style of period property. Our discreet aluminium frames are available in over 200 colours.

Whatever your style of property, we are confident that our windows will deliver sound and energy efficiency, as well as respect for tradition. To learn more, please call us on 01443 238787

UK Secondary Glazing Wales
UK Secondary Glazing Wales
UK Secondary Glazing Wales

Why Choose Secondary Glazing?

There are plenty of clear reasons to consider our secondary glazing…



Secondary glazing products can eliminate draughts and reduce heat loss by up to 65 percent.


 Our systems have been independently tested and proven to reduce noise levels by up to 54dB.


 Secondary glazing provides a complete internal seal, allowing balanced ventilation within the window reveal cavities. This stops the inner glass from becoming too cold and helps to tackle condensation.


Frames are made from tough aluminium and securely fixed, making them extremely difficult to open from the outside.


 It can be retrofitted to virtually any building and building type, with little mess or intrusion.


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Secondary Glazing Wales

Secondary Glazing Installation Gallery

Why Choose Abbey Glass UK?

We have been providing bespoke glass services for over 20 years to both commercial and domestic clients from our base in South Wales. We provide the highest quality products for our customers, no matter the size or scope of the project! We specialise in curved glass and laminated glass, ideal for our glass balustrade designs. We also provide other glass products such as glass doors, bespoke shower enclosures and more. Instead of case studies, view our gallery to see examples of past projects. Working with a range of well known companies throughout the UK has secured our spot as one of the premier glass suppliers in the UK, producing innovative and safe glass products for our clients. Contact us to see how we can help and be provided with a quick quote.


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