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Aluminium Glazing Systems

We manufacture and install four types of aluminium windows, doors, shopfronts and curtain walling.

Windows Types: available in a variety of designs.

  • ◗  Top or bottom hung
  • ◗  Tilt and turn
  • ◗  Side hung
  • ◗  Side projected
  • ◗  Top projected
  • ◗  Horizontal pivot
  • ◗  Vertical pivot
  • ◗  Composite (aluminium and timber )
    (size limitations are on all the above type windows)

Door Types: available in a variety of designs.

  • ◗  Open in
  • ◗  Open out
  • ◗  Open in anti finger trap
  • ◗  Open out anti finger trap
  • ◗  Double action anti finger trap
  • ◗  Manual Sliding Doors (available in a variety of sizes)
  • ◗  Bi-folding Doors (available in a variety of sizes)
  • ◗  Automatic doors :- single/double power swing
  • ◗  Automatic sliding doors: single/double
aluminium glazing wales
aluminium glazing wales

Shopfront types: available in a variety of designs. The entrance and frontage of a shop, office or showroom is the face of the business, and creates the first and often lasting impression. We can provide a design manufacture service.

Curtain walling:available in a variety of designs. The curtain walling system is used in the domestic and commercial market. The system is fully compatible with the above window types and door styles.

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